We provide comprehensive eye exams, contact lens exams, urgent eyecare  and medical eyecare to ensure your best vision and eye health.



Comprehensive Eye Exams

Yearly Comprehensive Eye Exams are the best way to ensure clear, comfortable vision and early detection and prevention of eye disease. The optometrists at Vision Today recommend yearly exams and are available to provide you with the best in comprehensive eyecare in a timely manner. We offer same day, next day, evening and Saturday appointments to fit your schedule. Call our office or conveniently schedule your appointment online today.



Cataract Evaluations

Cataracts are a common occurrence after the age of 60 but can also occur in younger individuals. The doctors at Vision Today have been highly trained to recognize even the earliest signs of cataracts. We also have an extensive referral network of experienced cataract surgeons in the Kansas City area should the need for surgery arise.



Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Dry Eye is a common complaint in the Kansas City area and can be worsened by allergies and contact lens wear. The doctors are trained to detect Dry Eye Syndrome and can offer you a variety of treatments including Avenova, artificial tear products, tear duct occlusion therapy (punctal plugs), Restasis, Systane, Thera Tears and Xiidra.



Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Bodies including dust, metal and even contact lenses can find their way into your eyes. Most foreign bodies work themselves out on their own due to excessive reflex tearing but some can remain stuck in the eye or eyelids. The doctors are highly trained to detect foreign bodies in your eye and remove them with anesthetic. If you think you have a foreign body in your eye please call us immediately and we will get you in for evaluation.



Glasses Exams

Your vision can deteriorate due to refractive error, caused by normal aging, or genetics. Old, bent, scratched up glasses can also cause your vision to be distorted. We offer routine refractive exams for new glasses to make sure you are seeing at an optimal level. We guarantee our prescriptions to be correct. If you feel your prescription is ever made in error we will be happy to recheck it for you.



Contact Lens Exams

Today’s Contact Lenses provide clear, comfortable vision for those that do not want to wear glasses, or would prefer to wear glasses part time. Vision Today offers contact lens fitting services for all types of lenses including single vision, bifocal contacts, monovision and colored contacts. We offer the latest in contact lens exam and product technology to increase the chances for successful, long term contact lens wear for patients of all ages. Contact lens fitting and evaluation services are provided in addition to basic exam services for an additional fee.



Glaucoma Evaluations

Glaucoma is a silent disease that robs you of your vision slowly over time. The only way to tell if you have glaucoma is to have frequent, comprehensive eye exams. Persons with a family history or risk factors for glaucoma should be seen at least yearly and in some cases every 3-6 months. Don't hesitate. Schedule an appointment today if you feel you have any risk of developing this disease.



Medical Eye Exams

Issues such as loss of vision, red eyes, eye pain, etc. can often result from a systemic or ocular medical problem. Most major medical insurances will cover you for an eye exam if you have a medical complaint. We accept most major medical insurance plans. Call us immediately if you feel you have a medical eye problem.



Red Eye Evaluation and Treatment

Red Eyes can occur due to allergies, contact lenses, dry eyes, infections, glaucoma, arthritis and a host of other causes. If you have a red eye or eyes call us immediately and we will schedule an evaluation to determine the cause and proper treatment.



Laser Vision Correction

The doctors at Vision Today offer evaluations for all laser vision correction procedures (PRK, LASIK) for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Dr. Lowenstein also offers PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) laser correction through his affiliation with NJOY Laser Vision in Tulsa, OK. To be evaluated for PRK or LASIK schedule a consultation today.



Urgent Eyecare

Some instances require urgent eyecare evaluations—such as losing your glasses or contacts if you have a very high prescription. If you have red eyes, pain, discomfort, loss of vision or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will schedule an immediate evaluation.